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Thursday, October 18, 2007

HELLLLLLO! yup yup promos are over for all of us i believe! so YAYYYYYY!!!!!

ohkay, this is quite pointless actually..i just feel like typing something. yupyup.

so how is everybody? hope that everything is going fine for all of ya :)

promo results are coming out next monday :S haiyoooo all the best everybody! sure ohkkkay de! yup yup.

all the very very best for pw people!

seeya around in school/one the road/anywhere~


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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

yo s10ers! how have you all been doing? ok, i have no idea whether this blog is still being viewed but still. . . keep it alive ok?

on 18 AUGUST 2007
@ 5.00PM

PLEASE GO! go those that went for the outing before should know how fun it was! can go arcade, eat, bowling, bridge and best of all, FIREWORKS! cos that day is the start of the fireworks festival. it is next saturday btw.

please tag on the board to confirm if you are going onot or msg either me or yun. THANKS! let us hang out together on that day!


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Saturday, July 7, 2007

O_O this blog is like dead! never mind, i shall revive it. how have you all been? like see all of you around. i miss s10. sigh. my new class is nice but the feeling not there. haha.

oh yeah, i was thinking if you all are up for a mahjong session / board game session / black jack session / bridge session at my house? the date can be arranged but this is the general idea. the date being around july to august? i not sure if my house big enough but we can squeeze! board games i have monopoly, uno, game of life, guess how, cluedo, quick wit, pictionary, jenga. . . twister. so shld be enough. i want play tong xiao ma jiang!

i shall put in a tag board. just tell me what you all think ok? the more the merrier. selected date: 8th august. hopefully they will have a halfday in school. changes can be made. haha.

FINALLY change the blog skin. except there is one problem. see who can find out. something to do with html. . . rawr. can go mad one.


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Sunday, May 6, 2007

i know the blogskin is now SUPER UGLY. but just tahan for a while. i trying to find a new blogskin and in the process of changing. . . as for the tagboard. it should be up very soon. anything you need to say so just blog XD


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Friday, April 20, 2007
scary nite

this week has been a super suay week for me. i wrote down all the bad stuff that happened to me, the number has hit 42, including the fact that even the auntie scolded me when i went to the toilet -_-;;. hope next week can be beta.

shall not post about lessons except the fact tat i was emoing during econs lecture. mood swings. haha. anyway, my darling laopo ate lunch at s19 table cos she wanted to tell me something tat happen during her lesson. yun and i heard and we laughed like siao, although it is very bad la. haha. shall not post what my ting said. later get killed. haha

then after school, sat wif huangyin, yulin and jialing cos huang and i had to help guzheng for their syf. feels so nice to be able to hang out wif people that you are familiar with. a sense of deja vu. then trent and timothy also came and we were just talking. so fun. i miss s10 >_< suggested that we watch spiderman 3 as a class. super ON! haha. wanna watch that. saw trent's wallet that zhaodong, benjamin and a few of his frens gave him for his bday! super nice. manage to see his pri sch photo on his ezlink. SUPER CUTE! took a photo of it despite his LOUD protests. shall post it here once i transfer the photo to my com. THE PHOTO IS SERIOUSLY CUTE. i tink his parents are super lucky to have such a cute son. haha. his ezlink photo is much beta lookin than someone's. ahem!

went to help guzheng carrry their instruments to the buses. i can officially say tat i saw jun wearing a formal attire. super unglam. the other guy wore it much beta than him la. cos tat idiot nv tuck in his shirt despite my many reminders. haha. but the guy's outfit is much nicer than the girl's one la. cos very modern. hee. i tink i lost his drink. OOPS. nvm. the entire bus ride was. . . . NOISY. all i can say was, i knew it!

was sitting at the same place where st nicks last had their jubilate. could see everyone from there. i like the first piece. it is nice XD. i was super tired tat i nearly fell asleep. . . the music soothing?

by the time took e bus back to nj it was alr 10? then huangyin and i had to walk through the main gate by ourselves cos jun ps us to go macs. tat is when the funny part started (huangyin asked me to post this on the blog). we went to the toilet near the oasis and was quite scared la since the toilet was quite dark. after that we went out then huangyin walked down the stairs and she screamed. i laughed at her cos i thot she slipped or something when something jumped past my leg. i was then screaming hysterically. IT WAS A FROG! i was near to tears when i thot what if it landed on my leg. was rushing down the stairs as fast as we could.

then from the distance, we could see some ppl walking out of the gate then huang said that we shld walk faster since safer to follow. so we walked out of the gate and it was seriously very dark. could hear all the insects chirping and stuff. then our conversation became like this:

me: i am seriously very scared. so dark.
hy: nvm, i learn taekwondo. just walk faster la.
*i was somewhat relieved when i heard that
me: what if a flasher jump out?
hy: won't one la. wanna flash also flash at that group in front.
me: what if the flasher choose us cos we so pretty?
hy: then we run la
me: what if there is a group of flashers?
hy: then we run faster la
me: but we don't need to worry wad, since u learn taekwondo
hy: i onli at green belt.
me: -___-;;

super lame our conversation but we were seriously freaked out. then i decided to act hero, walk with hy to nj bus stop since her route to nybs was quite long also. then when we walking, hy suddenly say that got someone following. super scary. then i wanted to scare hy. i told her that she will b walking pass the overhead bridge that e flasher was seen. then she say that she not crossing the overhead bridge. lol. i decided to take a cab since so late alr but then hy went to scare me and say that wad if the driver take me to some ulu place and kill me. so bad. then we told each other say tat we will msg once we reach home. then i went to open my big mouth and say what if we each don't receive each other's msg. touch wood.

so anyway, since i am able to post this, i shld b safe and sound at home. and hy is too! since i receive her msg. haha. anyway, next tues is the due date for pi! ganbatte!


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Saturday, April 14, 2007


ok. today is E day which i dread every year. it is NAPFA, how can anyone not dread NAPFA?! plus in nj, it u get a bronze or fail, it is a one way ticket to REMEDIAL! or hell. i was tinkin about it since monday and i even had nightmares about it. something regarding me jumping only twenty cm for standing board jump which is for the fact, my worst item. it takes 163 and above for silver. i was praying for a miracle.

was suppose to meet yun at 8.30. but as usually, i couldn't estimate my time well and ended up reaching sch at 8.00. patiently waited for her to arrive then we went to see s19 guys do standing board jump. guys - 206 for a PASS. but s19 guys can jump tat is all i have to say. then i had a sadistic urge to see guys do pull up. haha. saw our class guys crowding around e napfa requirements list.(NOTE: in this blog, our class guys meaning old s10 guys since this is OUR class blog). the yellow board cheated my feelins. i tink it is over twenty years outdated. i pity the guys, i have seen people juz dangling trying to pull themselves up. of course, there were exceptions. i saw this canoe guy in sji shorts doing pull ups like it was super easy. i was in awe. i heard tat aiman did his while smiling XD. then i saw ******** doing ten and ******* doing alot also. smart people can also do pullups. their muscles are trained by mugging. haha. although one is in track and e other. . . . i can't really rmb.

then went to see the guys doing shuttle run. i was talkin to my fren who said tat his pass for pull ups was ten and above. O_O'' then i heard a commotion. and to summarize the entire event short - jun fell while stopping. i tink e skin was scraped off his right hand. ouch! it looked seriously very painful. everyone, please be careful while running on a horrible surface.

9.00am soon came and it was e girls turn. my feet was literally dragging against e floor. my first station was sit and reach. went to run one round and did alot of stretching. e queue to sit and reach was terrible. i could stretch like foreva! then i saw my beloved ting and went over to talk to her. i had this stupid idea tat if i stopped moving around, my flexibility would be gone. so while i was talking to her, i was bouncing up and down on the spot. both ting and yun were laughin at me. so bad. but then it turns out, e queue was so long tat we went to do sit ups first. my flexibility is wasted! sigh. yun was my partner of course but she was laughing while i was doing sit ups and i was laughing too. then, crash. i knocked my head against one of my classmates. luckily, left only like three secs and i was juz lying on the mat rubbing my head. internal injuries, i tink i will become dumb because of it. our next station was *drumrolls* standing board jump. was observing the way people jumped and one of my frens told me to look forward instead of the mat. and i did. haha. yun was standing at the other end of the mat. was looking at her while i jumped. 168. i could hardly believe it. a confirmed silver. love creates miracles. haha.

yun said i cheated her cos i was saying tat i would fail sbj. turns out no! next was pullups. i needed 7 for a silver. i saw this girl pulling like 6 then e teacher asked her to stop. becos of one, she was a bronze. i was telling yun tat if it happened to me, i would cry. and guess wad, it did! so suay la. 6! i juz needed one more for a silver. -_____-;;. but at least i didn't cry! shuttle run was next, due to e stupid pull up and e fact tat jun fell at tat exact same location was traumatising to run. 11.4s. e teacher asked if i wanted to rerun. i was like NO! cos no matter how fast i run, i will still get a bronze. yun thot tat 11.3s was an A but it turns out tat is was <11.3s and she didn't take e 2nd time. irony. last was sit and reach. being so unhappy, i juz reached and 50! muz b unhappy when doing NAPFA. brings the best out of you. yun got like 66? *applauds loudly

i realised something. sometimes when i say things, it will happen. like during last year, due to rain, shuttle run had to be indoors. and i was telling my fren tat e floor slippery, surely will fall one and at tat exact moment, someone fell. then i said it again and another person fell 0_0. then today, i was talking to my fren tat if fall durin shuttle run, will bleed alot and less than 5 secs later, jun fell. then e pull ups, e stupid thing happened to me. and when i was talkin to huangyin about jun falling, she nearly fell down e stairs. OOPS. some things are better off not said. very suay one.

anyway, it is all OVER! now have to dread e remedial and stuff. but i tink most of e people have to go for it. especially guys for the pull up and sbj. JIA YOU!

i want an s10 outing! please tag on the board when you all are free then we go out. BBQ? steamboat? movies? anything will do. will hang out as a class can liao. and please BLOG!


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Sunday, April 8, 2007
extremely random stuff

i read this on my friend's blog and decided to paste it here. GUYS! READ AND LEARN!

NEVER tell a girl -I LOVE YOU- unless you REALLY mean it.

- DONT EVER use the word FOREVER unless you’re SURE it’s really going to be forever.

- DONT kiss or hug or hold her hands if you don’t TRULY LOVE her otherwise you’re known as a PERVERT.

- NEVER ask her to stead with you and in the end YOU’RE the one who calls for a BREAKUP.

- MEAN what you say. PROVE it to her.

- DONT say -i’ll call or sms you later- and in the end, you’re LATER NEVER seems to come.

- EXPRESS how you feel about her. DONT keep it to heart cos she WANTS to know what you think about her.

- DONT LIE to her that you didn’t receive her sms and that’s why you didn’t reply her. SHE KNOWS YOU RECEIVED IT.

- DONT tell her tall stories just to make her like you more. Once she finds out, YOU’RE DEAD MEAT.

- DONT SAY that you LOVE her but the fact is you’re using her. If she find out, you’re WORST than DEAD MEAT.

- Don’t ever BREAK her HEART. You’ll REGRET it.

i have no idea why is this for guys but. . . . i don't mind XD and i didn't make it up myself. it was circulating friendster. haha. and the last point is the most impt. do not ever forget. haha. ok, goin to do my pi which is drivin me up the wall!


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